With the help of the business community, the Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) paid off almost 1 Billion dollars of debt inherited by the previous administration. The debt was paid two years ahead of schedule and will save Georgia’s businesses over 220 million in 2015.

Commissioner Butler reduced the GDOL staff by 30 percent, which is a reduction in over 600 positions. Even with staff reductions, services were improved and expanded, such as:

  1. GeorgiaBEST is the nation’s premier ethics and soft skills certification program for middle and high school students. This program teaches the importance of skills like, responsibility, organization, self-management, teamwork, professional image, attitude, and respect, among others. The pilot launched in 20 schools in 2012 and now has expanded to a full-program in over 200 schools across Georgia.
  2. SWAT (Special workforce assistance team) is a specialized program with a team that is trained to engage with job seekers to help them overcome their barriers to success. The SWAT staff work specifically with communities that have been hit hard economically. GDOL staff partner with local chambers of commerce and other non profits to provide services such as resume writing, mock interviews, and dressing for success among other important skills.
  3. Customized Recruitment is a pilot program to help new companies in Georgia staff up quickly. This intensive program matches up job seekers to our newly recruited companies in Georgia. In some cases over 80 percent of the placements in these new jobs were currently receiving Unemployment benefits.

Since Commissioner Butler’s Administration began, over 246,000 net jobs have been gained. Georgia is consistently 5th in the nation in net job growth.

Mark ButlerLabor Commissioner


Jobs are of the utmost importance to the well-being and stability of families. Job creation and retention are Mark Butler’s immediate priorities. Mark believes our unemployment challenges can be overcome with common-sense solutions.


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